Career counselling and Admission guidance

Choose our expertise and experience in assisting you in determining the best course for your desire and shaping your passion. Our professional counsellors provide you with the most up-to-date information and insights while also recognising your aspirations, aptitudes, and awareness, and preparing you properly both throughout the counselling and admission phases.

We assist you in learning about education, institutions, teachers, admission procedures, and a variety of other topics. Applying to institutions overseas can be a stressful process, but with the help of our knowledgeable counsellors, we make it simple and orderly. Based on the possibility of admissions for your profile and credentials, trust us to be ambitious, safe, and practical.

Choosing Right courses and university

It is just as vital to identify and select the appropriate institution as it is to select your professional route and educational course. WhatNext can assist you in taking proactive steps in this direction and guiding you to the ideal venue for your academics.

It is difficult to choose the right university when there are so many to choose from. We use discerning parameters that correspond to your preferences, professional goals, and other factors. WhatNext will also walk you through the modules and curriculum you'll be studying when you've been accepted. We keep track of socioeconomic and university-related data to keep you informed on all fronts.

Application Process

Our team manages point-to-point communications, from providing information to ensuring it reaches the appropriate source. At WhatNext, we devote our time and attention to assisting you with the time-consuming application filing process.

We make sure the documents are free of errors and readable. Our skilled team is here to assist you in adhering to all norms and rules in order to decrease misunderstanding, eliminate unnecessary errors, and build a compelling case through accurate information presentation.

Admission Formalities

It's time-consuming, often stressful, and complicated; nevertheless, don't worry; we'll provide the greatest available support to make it hassle-free for you.

We provide one-on-one help with the last steps of the application process. We give an interface as well as a detailed guide to assist you in completing each stage and level of difficulty. We can assist you in gaining confidence and skills in this area by assisting you with preparation.

Scholarship Guidance

We make sure you don't miss out on scholarships because we realise how important they are in terms of reducing financial stress. We meticulously map out chances for you and present them to you while also preparing you to take advantage of them.

Our dedicated team of researchers is currently scouring the web for scholarship opportunities. We divide these into groups based on country and educational stream.

Financial Guidance
Working towards getting bank loan*

Because we recognise that studying abroad entails not only your aspirations and deeds, but also a significant financial component that is difficult to achieve for everyone. Because of a lack of sufficient resources, right sources to approach, and most crucially, proper information about the availability and manner to acquire bank loans, it is frequently a lost game even before it begins for most students and their families.

WhatNext has put in place an experienced team to serve as a single point of contact for information in this direction. We're also forming strategic partnerships with financial institutions that will provide favourable interest rates, quicker and faster loan processing, and increased loan approval chances.

Visa Assistance

Complete visa assistance, including application preparation, simulated visa interviews, and documents. We take care of everything for you, from filling out forms to preparing for interviews.

Our skilled team has extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with visa requirements for a variety of destinations.

Travel Assistance

WhatNext assists you in planning your trip and provides helpful advice. WhatNext provides assistance with everything from finding the best and cheapest airline to travel suggestions, airport information, and local commuting. In addition, we can assist you with forex.

Orientation about the country and place

Learn more about the country you are entering, the weather, the people, and a brief history of the city you will call home for the next few years. We provide the most critical information to assist you in effectively negotiating with local communities, laws of the land, and weather conditions.

Value-added services

Trust us to find more resources to assist you with your course preparation, travel, and admissions procedures. We aid you in preparing for aptitude exams and in learning more about the GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS.